Who we are

The Pottval Media project founded in 2004 in Berlin, Germany. We are a web network and focussed on challenging the boundaries of design. Our love affair is the web development to use a clean, simple and smart design.

History: Pottval was a full-time agency for digital communication until 2011. Since then, no new assignments have accepted, because the lining up have changed. New developments and snippets are finding their space on ZEISE.cloud now. The name Pottval continues to exist.

Let's switch from us to me. Why? I prefer 'we', because there are already a lot of resources and open data that I use or build on it. So there are many unnamed providers of ideas for a justified 'we'. ✌️

I'm Christian Zeise, a web developer, and work in online communication in Berlin. I was born in East Berlin 1984 and I'm a trained painter and varnisher. Inspired by the color theory, I deepened my interests in art, photography and web development. From 2004 working on professional photo reporting for a British news network. Over the time, I liked the web development and there possibilities to realize own projects. In this case with CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, JSON, PHP, SQL, SVG and XML.